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  • Q: How do you interact with your client?

    We prefer a personal touch, we like to get in front of our clients to understand their needs and goals from the beginning and establish clear guidelines and expectations. Our culture is to foster customer service focused relationships with our clients by keeping them up to date and informed, providing efficient and nimble service, and by carefully listening to their needs we help them make successful real estate decisions.

  • Q: How do you help your clients make real estate decisions?

    Once we have established a client’s goals we conduct rigorous and incisive market research. Once the results are analyzed we can forecast demand and analyse supply to conclude on the competitive environment and advise our clients on the best course of action to make a profitable decision.

  • Q: How do you market a listing?

    We are marketing experts that possess a breadth of marketing strategy knowledge, and at the same time we are responsive to change our strategy before the market changes. We offer a full suite of both traditional marketing materials and online tools including a dedicated property website, video tours, high end brochure with editorial style guided tour write-up and newspaper advertising. More importantly we target buyers by thoroughly understanding how and why they make real estate purchase decisions and then adjusting our marketing mix to respond to this. We engage with productive local agents and brokerages in the neighbourhoods we work in and personally invite them to agent sneak-peek events, as well we foster a team-spirited attitude when working with fellow brokers.

  • Q: What does each of your team member do?

    Crystal Hung - Owner. As a top producer, Crystal develops new business and is the mastermind behind the competitive analysis research conducted to ensure her clients receive the most thorough information to make a profitable decision in real estate from listing to buying stages and whether an offer should be accepted, declined, or countered during a negotiation. Crystal connects clients with the tools they need to market their home in its best light. Her team consists of experts in all fields of the marketing and sales cycle. James McKenny - Sales Operations: James is responsible for assisting clients in preparing their property for the market, including consulting on strategy for showings and open houses. He also conducts all showings and follows up with each lead. James also manages the offer presentations and negotiation stages with other brokers.

  • Q: At what point do you involve one of your associates?

    Every client and listing is different. Our team is diverse with skills, local experience and language assets, so we choose the appropriate team member for the client and for the listing that would best cause a sale and achieve maximum results.

  • Q: What is the structure of your company?

    There’s a lot more to being a Realtor than touring around with clients. We have a regimented process that we follow with an expert at every stage. We’re not just one person doing everything, and also not one person doing only one thing. Each member of our team has a focus area and possesses special talents but together as a whole we are able to ensure that the right person is assigned the right task. It’s in our DNA not to just wait for the phone to ring. We work best with clients that are goal oriented and decision makers - it’s who we are too.

  • Q: Why is your company different from others?

    Working with Crystal and her team is different from working with other agents. Crystal’s analytical skills and her team’s passion for real estate is unmatched in Vancouver’s market. Together with her team, their collective 40 years of experience spans multi-family development project marketing, overseas representation, luxury home marketing, and commercial land assembly. This breadth of knowledge is an asset to anyone from the greenest first time homebuyer to seasoned homeowner of a multi-million dollar luxury property or a downsizer.

  • Q: Who do you work with?

    Our specialty is working with sellers of high-end properties and investors of real estate projects and developers who seek assembly opportunities. Our team is comprised of top-producing sellers agents and buyers agents dedicated to representing clients who seek consistent and measurable results.

  • Q: Do you specialize in a specific location?

    We specialize in Vancouver, especially Westside, as well as Richmond.

  • Q: What if I reside in a city or an area which you do not appear to have done work in?

    We are selective in taking on new clients, however if there is synergy with our business model and a new client’s needs - even outside of Vancouver - we are always open to discuss how we can work together. It all starts with a coffee and fact-finding to identify how we can add value and ensure that we meet our clients needs and expectations. As top producing brokers in Vancouver, we network outside our target area with other top-producing brokers both in the lower mainland, across the border, as well overseas.

  • Q: What do you charge for selling a property?

    Our philosophy is to offer the best full service possible to achieve the maximum results for our clients. Our commission rates are competitive within the Vancouver market. There is no standard commission in the real estate industry.

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  • Crystal Hung
  • James McKenny
  • Kenneth Lee
  • Acquisitions
  • Sam Liu
  • Analyst, REALTOR®
  • David Ma
  • Development Land Specialist, CGA, R.I., B.Sc, REALTOR®
  • Evelyn Li
  • Sales Support, REALTOR®, On Maternity Leave

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  • Juliette Zhang
  • Stella Yang
  • Sales Manager
  • Bryan Wang
  • Sales, REALTOR®
  • Tony Leung
  • Rental Specialist, REALTOR®

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What do you charge for selling a property?

  • Our philosophy is to offer the best full service possible to achieve the maximum results for our clients. Our commission rates are competitive within the Vancouver market. There is no standard commission in the real estate industry.

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